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IT Apprenticeships in Glasgow often seem difficult to come by. For a lot of people who want to have a career in IT, the only option appears to be university. The playing field has changed a lot over recent years and now is your time to shine!

What are IT Apprenticeships in Glasgow?

IT Apprenticeships in Glasgow; are where a company will take you on as an apprentice and train you. You’ve probably heard of apprentice black-smiths or artists in older times. Where a boy or girl would be hired by a skilled tradesman. Said tradesman would teach them their trade. It offered extra money to the family of the apprentice and offered the apprentice the experience needed to succeed in that trade so they would always have work.

An IT Apprenticeship works similarly. You would be employed by a company in which you would have an environment where you could learn the trade and help the business with their workload.

IT Apprenticeships in Glasgow: Why Do An IT Apprenticeship?

Well, after school you have multiple options to join a career, the first choice is always university, study it in depth for three years, gain the textbook knowledge of any given subject and then walk into a workplace in a graduate role.

While that is as good an option as any, it doesn’t need to take three years to gain your qualification and credibility. Another point to make is that whilst doing a degree at university, unless you do an (usually unpaid) internship you will lack the experience workplaces expect for graduate roles. This can leave a lot of young educated people helpless. This is less than helpful when you’re at the beginning of your career.

IT Apprenticeships in Glasgow offer you the support you need, the experience you need, and a qualification in just two years! In the first year, you will obtain your SCQF Level 6 qualification. In the second year you will obtain your SCQF Level 8 qualification.

What Do I Do After my Apprenticeship?

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship there are many options for you. The first option is the likelihood that any employer will keep you on after you’ve completed your apprenticeship.

No employer takes the time to show you the ropes, integrate you into their business and train you, only to let them go at the end of the apprenticeship.

The second option is to go to university. Not only is an apprenticeship an alternative to university. It is also a pre-university course option. If you don’t feel ready for university after leaving school, you’re not stuck for choices.  

Where Can I Find Opportunities?

We’re actually Hiring Now!

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