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Kids Weekly Programming Classes at BYITC Glasgow Are Back

The British Youth International college is proud to announce that our Kids Weekly Programming Classes at BYITC UK are back. These classes have been extremely popular among both parents and students since we first introduced them. Now is your opportunity to get your student enrolled in what could be one of the most important classes he or she ever takes.

Kids Weekly Programming Classes at BYITC UK  take place at our Glasgow facility every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5.30-7pm. Each class runs a total of 12 weeks and is open to students between the ages of 6 to 9 and  9 to 14. Our first classes of the year kick off in the first week of September. Here is a time table

How Will Your Child Benefit from Kids Weekly Programming Classes  at BYITC

Our  Weekly Programming Classes for kids at BYITC UK offer an excellent opportunity that benefits children all over UK. To begin with, coding classes equip the student with a skill set that will enable him or her to continue learning in a field that offers long-term employment in one of the UK’s top earning fields. But there’s more.

Learning how to code builds confidence. Kids Programming Classes at BYITC  is something that produces immediate results, so students can see what they are accomplishing in real time. Once they see what they can do with a few lines of code, they are motivated to keep learning.

Weekly coding classes also teach kids problem-solving skills. Coding teaches analytical thinking, logic, and other skills that will pay off in other areas of life. Coding classes will make your child more comfortable with technology, in turn making it easier for that child to adapt to all kinds of electronic gadgets and IT technology that hasn’t even been invented yet.

We believe your child can benefit from our weekly coding classes. If you want to know more, reach out to us as soon as you can. These classes fill up quickly.

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