British Youth International College

Summer Activities for Kids

Three day summer boot camps

Summer is fast approaching and kids are counting down the days until the summer holidays but once the summer holidays come how do you plan to keep your child occupied?, with our summer activities for kids! You may be going on holiday but most summer holidays only last one week or two. Here at BYITC we are running 3 day summer boot camps for kids to learn web design and games development. This 3 day course will be fun but also educational! We understand that the summer holidays are a break from school, but it is great for your children to keep learning during the summer to keep them ahead of the game, and this is only a 3 day course which will be the summer activity your kid wants to go to.

Web Development

To teach our Web Development camp we will be using WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular web development tools in the world, and to learn WordPress at this age is very beneficial especially when our pre apprenticeship programme comes up, your child will have the experience to get opportunities in the future like within our pre apprenticeship programme and further in the world of web development, alongside them being able to create websites for themselves and others.

Games Development

For our games development we will be using multiple different modern games development engines. We all know kids like computer games and they all have ideas and dreams about their very own custom games. In our 3 day boot camp the kids will have a chance to build a full game which they can show to their friends and families at home. They will be focussing on developing a 2D game but will have an introduction to 3D games and programming fundamentals. This course will give your child a taster of game development, and they can use the skills they use to make their own games and go further in computer programming. This summer camp is for ages 8 – 17, we are very excited about it starting as its getting a lot of attention and becoming popular. This summer camp will be a starter for kids and teens to try out coding and it may be something they want to pursue as a career. If a career in coding is what they would like, this is something that we can help them with.The skills your child will learn from this short course will last forever and could make them stand out from the crowd at school and later when looking for employment.

Why not have a look at our provisional course outlines for web design and games development, and see the important yet fun skills your children could be learning.
For more information or to sign up for our summer activities for kids please go to or call us on 0141 2373350.