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Every kid looks forward to summer time… but when summer time comes parents often hear their kids complaining that they are bored and would like something to do. Parents are always looking for ways for their kids to better themselves and to learn new skills that will get them noticed with future employers. Here at BYITC (British Youth International college) we deliver summer programming classes for local kids during the summer holidays, to keep your child’s brain active when you’re most likely to stop challenging your brain.  This is an excellent activity to keep your kids occupied during summer!

BYITC has become known for providing the highest-quality learning experience as well as the most fun after-school classes. Our kids learn to code by making their own custom games, website design, mobile app development and graphic design using our unique Creative Learning approach. We all know kids like computers and computer games and they’re full of ideas too. We harness that energy and focus it into learning how to code. 

Our method is non-sequential, project based, and kid-driven, which works brilliantly especially in summer your kid can focus in our classes without interrupting school work. Our summer classes would be something your kids look forward to as well as providing a solid foundation of ICT knowledge in preparation for high school and further into the future. In high school you get a wider range of subjects and IT is a very important in all employment sectors . The majority utilize technology so why not send your child into the working environment with the skills and confidence that is going to get them noticed and stand out from the crowd. Our summer activities classes will be fun and full of education.

We at BYITC are firm believers in the value of coding and we certainly not alone. Steve Jobs once said “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”.  Our summer classes will be the thing your kid wants to do with our fun summer activities projects that will keep your child’s mind active and learning all the time.

Give your children a reason not to moan at you this summer and also invest in their future by signing them up for summer programming classes at British Youth International college in Glasgow.

If you are interested in signing up for summer classes, whether that be our bootcamps, or hour long classes please contact us here.

For more information about summer classes go here.