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Most parents find their children to be more technologically advanced than they are. After all, today’s kids have been raised with technology. But those who want to make a career of it have to learn a lot more than what they know about operating their devices. They need to learn what makes those devices work. In Glasgow, that opportunity exists by way of a variety of classes teaching kids in Glasgow how to code and programme.

Of course, ‘coding’ refers to writing the underlying computer code that makes our electronic devices work. From computers to smartphones to all of the information found online, usefulness boils down to a team of people who write code. Without skilled coders doing what they do, the technology we enjoy today would not be possible.

Learning Skills for Life

Organisations such as the British Youth International college in Glasgow ( offer coding classes and is just one example of the opportunities available to young people. The classes are aimed at equipping kids with essential STEM-related skills they can use throughout their lifetimes.

Learning to code not only enhances a child’s understanding of how electronic technology works, but it also helps prepare those who will eventually go into coding careers. The basic knowledge of coding learned in the free classes can be the first step in a future educational programme that could result in a lifelong career in coding, web development, and other related fields.

Paid Coding Classes

The various free opportunities for kids to learn coding around Glasgow are invaluable. But what if your child expresses interest in going above and beyond the basic knowledge learned in those classes? Thankfully, there are a number of companies offering advanced coding classes for a fee. Many of these companies run after-school coding clubs that kids can attend in the late afternoon and early evening hours.

Paid classes take coding instruction to the next level by dealing with more specific kinds of coding rather than just general concepts. For example, kids can take classes in:

•HTML/CSS – These two programming languages essentially run the internet. Anyone who wants to become a professional web developer would need to be proficient in both, at a bare minimum.

•JavaScript – Where HTML and CSS are the two languages responsible for how website information is presented to users, JavaScript is a programming language that is the engine driving most web applications. Proficiency in JavaScript is another essential for future web developers.

•Python – Python is another powerful programming language used primarily to make online media possible. Sites such as YouTube and Dropbox make extensive use of Python.

Teaching kids how to write computer code opens their eyes to what actually makes modern technology work. For those interested in a technology career in the digital arena, it is an open door to learning some of the most important skills they will need to succeed.

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