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Know the Science Behind the Abacus?

We all know that the education and learning systems have evolved significantly. But there are still many ancient ways of learning that have the upper hand compared to modern learning methods. We are talking about the science behind the Abacus, an ancient mathematics concept that uses colorful beads and a metal frame for calculation.

Students who know how to use an Abacus and its concepts understand mathematics in a much better way. Many researches have proved that Abacus learning is more helpful and efficient in brain development, cognitive thinking, and confidence building.

People have become curious to know the science behind the Abacus after watching such excellent outcomes. But before we discover that, firstly, one should know what is Abacus.

What is Abacus?

Abacus is a mathematic techniques primarily used for doing calculations. It is believed to be originated in China but it’s not confirmed as the use of the Abacus have been found in many civilization in the history. It is a tool that consists of a flat frame with colorful movable beads attached to it. By moving these colorful beads, kids learn different mathematics calculations. However, learning the Abacus not only has an advantage for mathematics. But it has a positive impact on one’s mental ability and overall performance as well. Students are utilizing the concept of the Abacus in mental calculation. With the introduction of the mental Abacus, parents are now more interested in making their kids learn Abacus from a young age only.

Brain and the Science behind the Abacus

Our brain is divided into two parts – Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere. The left hemisphere of our brain is helpful in linear processing, mathematical functioning, and logical reasoning. The right hemisphere of our brain is helpful in intuitive working, visualization, and imagination.

If you know how to use an Abacus, you must know that both hands are used to move Abacus beads. When both hands are utilized in moving beads, it makes the brain sensor active.It helps develop coordination between the right hand and left brain & left hand and right brain. In other words, we can also say that it is a kind of brain exercise that activates when using an Abacus. It happens when one is involved in such kinds of mental activities. It helps stimulate the cells of the brain and boosts brain functioning.

In general, we all use only one hemisphere of the brain at a time. But the mental Abacus allows us to use both sides of the brain simultaneously. It increases our brain’s overall development, making us perform better. Students who undergo all the levels of Abacus training can calculate without using any physical tool. They can do mental calculations of large numbers also with 100 percent accuracy. Studies also say that Abacus not only increases cognitive processing but improves imagination and visualization also. It develops problem-solving skills, as both sides of the brain can collaborate to provide a better result.

To Conclude

If you wish your kids to develop this kind of brain functioning, enroll them in Abacus training. Now you know the science behind the Abacus and the excellent results and learning it offers. Along with supporting mathematics calculations, it will help one life- long by developing problem-solving skills. So, enroll your kids at the right age and help them learn what is Abacus and how to utilize it. British Youth International College’s Abacus Maths online and offline classes are now available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for students. We invite the parents to take the first step towards making their children confident with Maths.

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