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Traditionally, learning abacus was boring for children. However, with the evolution of game-based learning techniques, the abacus maths programme is interesting and enjoyable. In this blog, you will learn how game-based learning makes mental maths fun-tastic. Let us get started!

Game-Based Learning:

Involvement of Videos and Simulations

Few students enjoy learning through text alone. Plain text can make mental maths uninteresting for students. Therefore, more institutions are leveraging abacus maths games. These games include several videos, simulations, and pictures. It allows the children to visualise the 3D models in real-time. This makes learning more enjoyable and stimulates imagination among the students. The games enable students to experience fun while learning different mathematical concepts.

Availability of Various Levels

The abacus games involve various levels. Students must complete one level to go to the next one. This makes mental maths more enjoyable and engaging for the children. They consistently try to use the right formulas, solve different problems, and progress to higher levels. As a Result, children expand their knowledge and understand the concepts better while having fun.

Increases Student Engagement

When abacus maths solely consists of theories and concepts, it may seem to be boring for the students, mainly due to the lack of interesting or fun elements. That is where abacus maths games come into the picture. These games Introduce the fun element and enhancing the overall learning experiences of the students.
The abacus maths games have amazing graphics that attract the attention of children. It allows them to have fun while solving different mathematical problems. It ultimately enhances their engagement level and keeps them engrossed in the games for longer.

Simplifies Complex Concepts

Mental maths often involves complex concepts. Understanding these concepts with the help of simple texts can be complicated, challenging, and boring for students. That is where the online abacus maths games prove to be an ideal choice. When children learn complex concepts in a game format, it appears to be much simpler for them. They not only gain a good understanding of the concepts but also enjoy solving problems.

Promotes Healthy Competition

The game-based learning gives rise to healthy competition among students,making it exciting and enjoyable for them. Competing with others motivates them to perform better, improving their learning abilities. Additionally, the scores and rankings of the games can boost the children’s morale and inspire them to put more effort into achieving better results.


The game-based learning proves to be an effective way in making mental maths more fun and engaging for students. It enhances the learning experiences of children and allows them to perform simple & complex mathematical calculations easily and faster. So, are you planning to enrol your child in an abacus maths programme that integrates the game-based learning approach? If yes, Supermaths Academy is the apt choice. Connect with the experienced professionals, discuss your specific needs, and enrol your child in the abacus classes online right away!

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