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Regular Weekly Programming and IT Classes in Glasgow For Kids with BYITC

After the success of our summer bootcamps, we are pleased to announce our weekly Programming and IT classes for 9 – 13 year olds in Glasgow.

We are delivering a school year long course, split into 8 and 14 week blocks, giving our students lessons in many areas of IT, with a focus on computer programming.

Beginning on the 31st August, we will be teaching our Introduction to IT and Programming Fundamentals 8 week course on Wednesdays at 4:30 – 6:00 pm, or Thursdays at 5:30 – 7:00 pm. This is all new material for our learners, and will cover subjects such as hardware basics, learning how to use Windows, and also multiple classes on programming fundamentals which will be put to good use later in the year.

Our later blocks will cover subjects such as 2D Games Development and Programming, Web Development and Graphic Design, and 3D Games Development with Animation. We believe our course will give our learners a chance to really expand their IT skills, and most of all their programming, and also give them a chance to show their creativity. Click here to view our main page outlining our weekly courses and syllabus for 9 – 13 year olds.

We have had a lot of interest in our weekly courses, and will be running staggered starting times throughout the year.

Also, upcoming are our classes for 14 – 17 year olds. These will also be running on a weekly basis, with different focus, on Networking, Security and Hardware, and Programming for Mobile Applications in addition to the Games Development.

We believe our summer bootcamps have really shown how popular our courses are, you can view some of our testimonials on our youtube channel and on our website too. Click here to see our youtube channel.

The cost for these weekly programming and IT classes is £60 per month with a registration fee of £25. It is encouraged for children to bring their own laptops, with added Administrator privileges for at least the first week of every block. If you are unable to bring a laptop please let us know at first contact, we have a number of laptops available with prior arrangement. It may be possible for children to be dropped off a little early as we always have staff available to supervise, again, please let us know if this is required.

If you are interested in booking a place, please contact us at [email protected], or call us on 0141 237 3350.


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